Energy and Environment


Hilite and the environment

The effects of greenhouse gas emissions on climate have become a dominant issue across the entire automotive sector. Our products help in achieving fuel consumption reduction and in meeting the most stringent emission standards. Hilite introduced an environmental and energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001. The resulting strong commitment is reflected in the guidelines to the environment policy:

  • Innovative products
    Our products help minimize pollution and save energy significantly. Beside the innovative and systematic development in particular with the use of simulation tools energy-saving and environmentally friendly production processes and systems are used to manufacture our products, insofar as it is technically and economically feasible to do so.
  • Environmental protection / improvement of energy-related performance as a management task
    We ensure that environmental protection is taken into account, energy consumption is reduced and energy efficiency optimized in all functions and at all levels of the business. These are determined, implemented and reviewed in strategic and operational objectives and the codes of conduct. The basis is compliance with all laws, ordinances, official regulations, requirements of interested parties and internal rules.
  • Continuous improvement
    Our common aim is to continuously review and improve the existing environmental and energy management system, all internal processes and energy-related performance, and thus to further develop environmental protection and energy saving in the company.
  • Prevention of negative environmental impact
    Before new products and processes are implemented, their environmental impact and energy efficiency are assessed. This avoids environmental, energy and safety risks. The entire lifecycle of our products, including their disposal, is taken into consideration here.
  • Careful use of natural resources
    We use natural resources as sparingly as possible. Energy, water, and raw and auxiliary materials are used effectively and efficiently.
  • Prevention of waste and emissions
    Residual materials are recycled or disposed of without endangering people or the environment.
  • Preventative treatment of the environment and energy
    Our priority is to take preventative measures to protect the environment and we raise the environmental and energy awareness of our employees through training and information.
  • Inclusion of suppliers and other interested parties
    We also pass on our obligation to prevent environmental pollution and energy waste to our suppliers; we raise their environmental and energy awareness and support environmentally and energy-conscious activities as appropriate. This is reflected in energy-efficient products and services they provide. Our suppliers undertake to comply with our environmental and energy objectives and include them in their own approach as far as possible. All other stakeholders are taken into account in our processes.