Hilite and the


Hilite and the environment

The effects of greenhouse gas emissions on climate have become a dominant issue across the entire automotive sector. Our products help in achieving fuel consumption reduction and in meeting the most stringent emission standards. Hilite introduced an environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001. The resulting strong commitment is reflected in the guidelines to the environment policy:

  • Environment protection as management function
    We make sure that environmental protection is implemented in all operative functions and on all levels by tangible objectives and directives, in compliance with all laws, regulations, official codes and internal rules.
  • Continuous improvement
    Our common target is to continuously improve the existing environmental management system and all internal processes to further advance the environmental protection of the company.
  • Prevention of environmental impacts
    Prior to the introduction of new products or proceedings, the impact to the environment is evaluated. Risks for the environment or the security are avoided. This comprises the complete lifetime including disposal of our products.
  • Preserving of natural resources
    We use natural resources as economically as possible. Energy, water and process materials are used effectively.
  • Avoidance of waste and emissions
    Residual materials get recycled respectively disposed of without danger to humans and the environment.
  • Preventive environmental protection
    We conduct preventive environmental protection with high priority and promote the ecological awareness of our employees with training and information.
  • Integration of suppliers
    We assign our commitment to avoid environmental effects also to our suppliers, encourage them to environmental awareness and support the realization of environmentally-friendly action, where needed.
  • Innovative products
    The bigger part of our products makes a contribution to the reduction of pollution.