Award for Apprentices

In order to secure the professionals of tomorrow, Hilite gives training in the dual system top priority.


Felix Wondollek was awarded the School Prize of the Lohr Vocational School and a certificate from the government of Lower Franconia for his outstanding achievements in the final examination as a Mechatronic. After his 3.5-year apprenticeship, he now has been taken into a permanent employment relationship at maintenance.


Hilite Germany currently trains 17 young people in the professions of Mechatronics, Industrial Mechanics, IT specialists and Industrial Clerks. Depending on the subject area, the apprenticeship lasts between 3 – 3.5 years.


In additional to vocational training in traditional apprenticeship fields, Hilite also offers a wide range of options for university students. The company offers numerous positions for internships, pre-study internships and practical semesters as well as for dual-study program participants.


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