Hilite at the Vienna Motor Symposium

The event is organized by the Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers and is one of the world's leading events of its kind. More than 1000 experts from all over the world, including top managers from the automotive industry and its suppliers, discussed the latest technologies and developments in the automotive industry.


The programme offered a large number of groundbreaking lectures and sufficient time for an exchange of opinions and networking. The lecture program was accompanied by the trade exhibition, where Hilite International was again represented with a booth this year.


Hilite presented the Hilite VCR system StepCom® - a connecting rod that enables engine operation at different compression ratios. Depending on the operating condition, a high compression ratio is selected for optimum efficiency or a low compression ratio for high performance requirements.


Hilite also presented the EXV, an electronic expansion valve, for the first time. EXVs enable active cooling of batteries with refrigerant and thus lead to more efficient thermal management in electric vehicles. Efficient thermal management significantly determines the capabilities of these vehicles for fast charging or dynamic operation.


The direction taken in Vienna by all the speakers and confirmed in personal discussions is clear: CO2-optimized and hybridized gasoline engines and electric mobility are the future. With our classic products, but also with VCR and developments in the field of thermal management, Hilite is also well positioned in this future market.

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