Hilite Germany at the Warema Run

On July 1, 2018, 22 runners on the Hilite team got together under the beautiful summer sky to take part in the Warema-Lauf (“Warema Run”). This year, for the first time, there was company scoring as part of the event.
The Hilite team and its “Going All Green” slogan could not be overlooked. The large group stood out from the crowd with their new green running shirts and made for a great picture as they stood under the Hilite banner.

With support coming from a small group of fans, things got serious for everyone at 12:15 pm. After just 22 minutes and 01 second, the first “Hiliter” crossed the finish line after completing two sweat-soaked laps.

At the award ceremony, the Hilite team was able to mount the winner’s podium twice. In the company scoring, thanks to its large number of participants, Hilite won the top spot and was able to take home the trophy. For the team scoring, three employees managed to take 2nd place.

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