Wildflowers at Hilite Whitehall




Hilite International in Whitehall is taking the greener path when it comes to lawn care by turning more of their conventional lawn in to native wildlife prairie. The Muskegon Conservation District recently expanded their native landscaping an additional acre. This native landscaping provides a naturalized habitat for insects, small birds, white tail deer and also has received the international designation as a Monarch butterfly waystation.


The expansion of the native landscaping will not only save the company 1.1 million gallons of water annually but also eliminate the need for pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer and most ground care. This expansion will also increase the retention and use of rainwater and lessen the impact from any runoff to local streams and lakes.


Whitehall employees have long enjoyed being closer to the natural world and sharing their workspace with all of the their local species. They are looking forward to seeing all of the wildflowers rise from the new naturalized space.

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