Components for refrigerants

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The typical cooling systems for modern air conditioning systems work with simple, temperature-controlled valves. For the cooling of battery-operated electric vehicles (BEV), the cooling of the battery is also required in order to achieve rapid charging and a superior performance. With our components for refrigerants, such as electronic expansion valves (eXV) and routing valves, we provide solutions for effective thermal management of electric vehicles.





Structure and function

Active battery cooling via the refrigerant circuit is a crucial function to enable fast charging with optimal performance. Electronic expansion valves (eXV) control this process efficiently by precisely dispensing refrigerant into the coolant heat exchanger of the battery circuit (chiller). eXVs also enable efficient and precise control of refrigerant evaporation in heat pumps and air conditioning systems for the cabin. As the largest secondary consumer in vehicles the air conditioning system in particular has great potential for reducing CO2 emissions.


Advantages of eXV

  1. LIN connection for digital control and monitoring of the valve via a flexible communication interface
  2. Stepper motor valve with little hysteresis and low holding current
  3. Low leakage and flexible adaptation of the opening characteristic to the application

Heat pumps can offer electric vehicles optimum performance even in winter, when the ambient temperature is low. Here, heat from various sources such as the environment or the drive is used to heat the cabin or the battery. In order to always be able to use the optimal heat source and to switch between cooling and heating mode, heat pumps require flexible valve technology that ensures the right connection.


The various valves and components for controlling a heat pump can be integrated into modules. These modules offer our customers compact and cost-efficient solutions, among other things through a significant saving in cables.

Features and details

Our refrigerant valves and systems are developed and manufactured for customer-specific applications on the basis of our modular valve systems. Of course, your specific wishes and interfaces are taken into account. The aim of our work is to develop an optimal, efficient and cost-effective design for you.

An innovative system

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