Clutch applications

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Hilite develops and produces extremely precise electromagnetic components for clutches that are used in four-wheel drives and power distribution systems.

These clutch components provide precise and intelligent torque transfer control in modern, economical vehicles for the respective vehicle axle or for the whole powertrain independent of E-motor, hybrid or ICE.

To do this, we use electromagnetic coils and armatures to operate the required clutch packs.












Clutch components
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Applications and characteristics

For intelligent control


Our clients around the world use Hilite clutch components in torque transfer systems or in systems with wear compensation feedback.


Our unique expertise in designing and producing extremely precise components and systems allows for accurate control of dynamic powertrains and vehicles. The electromagnetic actuator design is optimized with in-depth simulations during the whole design.


We produce vital components in-house, which involves mechanical processing, coating, winding coils and over moulding different parts.


Each product is developed and manufactured in a way that is specific to the application and cost-optimization. Each process uses the best suitable production technology, such as sintering, punching or forging.


















An innovative System

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