Simulation is the important element of an efficient and cost-effective development of our products. We therefore realize calculations in the area of structural and fluids mechanics. Additionally, we make virtual pre-layouts of our solenoids with solenoid design calculations. The interaction of single components and the overall behavior of the system is considered in the system simulations.

The structural mechanics calculations concern e.g. examinations of component deformations for screw load, compressive rigidity of valve sleeves or vibration analysis of emission system components.

The fluid mechanical calculations allow for instance the determination of optimal spray configurations at the exhaust gas pipe or the calculation of the hydraulics at valves or at camphasing adjustment systems.

The solenoid design calculations enable a virtual overall pre-layout of a solenoid that is optimized to the respective requirements.

A perfect example for the system simulation are the interactions of the dosing unit with the supply unit of the SCR system for different pipe configurations of the different vehicle applications. The vibration behavior of the camphaser in the valve train assembly is another important area of the system simulation.


Rotor- stator deformation under screwing load
Fluid mechanical examination of the spray-in geometry
Magnetic flow at a solenoid design calculation