Fast phaser


Smart solution with high benefit

Further optimization of the phasing system regarding phasing speed, system performance and oil consumption

Function principle

The optional FastPhaser® system allows the usage of reflowing oil from the camphaser by an intelligent hydraulic circuit. With this system, the already excellent performance of the standard Vanecam® system can be further enhanced: it improves the phasing rate,  reduces oil consumption and improves the idling performance. It allows a new dimensioning of the camphaser to make it more compact and extends significantly the function range of hydraulic camphasing system.

Different types

Application and features

The FastPhaser® system can be carried-out with a remote valve as well as a central valve. It is a smart solution with minimum additional technical effort at the component side but realizes high benefit for phasing rates and oil consumption. So for example at V6 DOHC roller finger follower engine phasing rates of 200 ? 500 crank deg/s at all operating conditions are realized.


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