Vanecam® Camphasers


For a better performance and less consumption

System to control intake and exhaust valve timing for improved fuel economy, emissions and performance.

Function principle

Vanecam® camphasers are based on the principle of hydraulic rotary actuators. The housing with its sprocket or pulley is integrated in engine timing drive, the rotor moving in the housing is attached to the camshaft. By actuation of the rotor with engine oil, the camshaft can be moved relative to the crankshaft. This movement is fully variable depending on engine load and speed.

Different types

Application and features

Vanecam® camphasers are characterized by a one-piece rotor, is sealed to the housing by a precise gap and does not need additional sealing parts. This type of sealing is highly efficient and leads to a small leakage of the camphaser only. Because there are no extra sealing elements that usually have to be pressed by spring force to the surrounding housing, Vanecam® camphasers have low friction. This enables a fast response, high phasing rates and low oil consumption.
Vanecam® camphasers are realized to support all types of timing drives: Roller and bushing chain drives, silent chain drives, tooth belt drives and gear drives.
For reduction of mass and inertia camphasers optionally can be realized in aluminum material. A special material fabricated by a special manufacturing process assures the load capability and wear resistance of aluminum sprockets. As a result the mass can be reduced by about 50% when compared to steel camphasers.


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