Oil control valve


Reduced consumption, optimized performance

Our valves help to reduce fuel consumption, to optimize the engine performance and thus to meet the global emission regulations.

Function principle

The proportional valve (volume flow control) is actuated with the stroke of the solenoid that moves the piston in a hydraulic sleeve to adjust an oil flow from the oil supply port of the valve to the working chambers of the consumer (e.g. camphaser, sliding vane pump, oil pump) in proportion to the tank connection. The valves can be offered for internal installation or for external installation (sealed).

The valves for camphaser adjustment systems are mainly 4/3 directional control valves. Our product portfolio offers as well peripheral solutions as central ones (actuator with central hydraulic).


Different types

Application and features

Our proportional valves are mainly applied for the control of camphasing systems and controlled oil pumps. The extremely low valve weight and the small dimensions grant the highest possible freedom for the design. The modular format allows a high variability regarding the respective customer application in combination with low product cost. Customer specific requirements regarding hydraulic type and hydraulic geometry, flange design, connector type and connector position can be fulfilled as well as demands for filters and check valves. Further functional advantages to optimize the engine performance, reduce emissions or safe-lock of the camphaser can be integrated in the modular valve kit. On demand, on/off-valve versions can be offered as well.


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