Diesel valves and other engine valves


Both valves from one hand

The patented Diesel hydraulic of the latest VCV generation allows a flexible and fast adaptation of the Q-I characteristic by application of apart from that identical component parts. The successful PCV design is currently in series application in a 1900 bar Common-Rail-System.

Function principle

The dosing valve (VCV) at the flow line side of the high-pressure pump has primarily the task to control the fuel dosing. The high-pressure control valve (PCV) has the task to control the rail pressure. Depending on the control strategy, it is possible to apply the VCV occasionally for pressure control. E.g. in the warm-up period, when the heating-up of the fuel should be relatively fast. The dosing valve allows more fuel to pass and compress, the fuel heats up and the high-pressure control valve enables the return flow of the excessive fuel amount.

Application and features

VCV as well as PCV are currently in application in common-rail injection systems with system pressure of up to 1900 bar in passenger cars and light and medium duty vehicles. The low leakage and hysteresis values of the VCV?s and the high pressure control quality of the PCV?s allow an optimal control behavior and thus lowest consumption and emission values to meet EURO V and other emission regulations.


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