Control valves


Control of hydraulic flows

Control valves are applied in each area where hydraulic control and actuation tasks occur

Function principle

The continuing trend in the powertrain area towards higher comfort and driving agility as well as the requirements regarding reduced fuel consumption and the endeavor of the OEMs to reduce the cost for development, production and operation were a huge challenge for the involved components in automated and automatic transmissions, hybrid drives and chassis control systems.

Electro-hydraulic actuators respectively control valves are the interface between the electric signal processing and the system process (mechanical). They transform the control signals of low performance into a throw force with the higher performance that is necessary for the system process.


Application and features

Control valves are applied in each area where hydraulic control and actuation tasks occur. In the automotive area e.

  • Supply, control and regulating of actuations for automated manual transmissions (AMT), double clutch transmissions (DCT), continuous variable automatic transmissions (CVT) or automatic transmissions (AT)
  • Control of automated clutch actuations in hybrid drives or torque vectoring systems.
  • Control of variable allwheel drive clutches and differential locks
  • Control of additional hydraulic ancillary units

Basically there are the following valve types

  • Pressure control valves
  • Directional control valve
  • Flow control valve
  • On/Off valve
  • PWM valves

These valves are possible as shift valves or proportional valves in different layouts:

  • Slide valves
  • Seat valves

The assembly area (mainly inside the oil pan of the transmission or the aggregate) makes high demands and challenging operational conditions for the valves that come to application, regarding medium contamination, medium persistency, temperatures, vibration resistance and durability.

Our control valves are developed for your specific application case based on our modular valve kit under consideration of your requirements regarding application medium, installation space and electric, hydraulic and mechanical interfaces.

The valve functions are adapted to your specific demands of supply flow pressures, hysteresis, leakages and dynamic requirements as reaction times and control stability.

We will always find an optimum regarding function, energy efficiency, dynamics, robustness and cost for you.



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