Top performance by using the Hilite Operations System HOS

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We produce our technically complex products using state of the art processes and procedures. With the Hilite Operations System (HOS), we put the focus on the requirements of our customers.


It is based on stable, standardized processes, visual management, 5S and occupational health and safety. With tiered sequential production and high process accuracy, we provide what the customers want, when they want it – manufactured to the highest quality standard. We manage our material flow with just-in-time processes and ensure the quality of our products by means of failure avoidance processes.


We continuously improve all of our processes and adapt them to the challenges of the market. Our employees’ quality awareness and the responsibility they take for their own actions are crucial factors for our success.



Customer satisfaction is our focus





Maximum efficiency for the highest quality


Highly automated assembly lines with handling systems and integrated testing equipment ensure not only efficiency and precise assembly, but also the highest quality for our products.


We clean almost all of our components in special washing systems before they are installed. Through the assembly in our clean rooms, we meet even the stringest cleanliness standards.

Assembly camphasers
Mechanical production
Production facility
Assembly valves
Assembly camphasers
Assembly camphasers

Mechanical production

Precision in the micrometer range


Mechanical production include fully automated production lines, automatic lathes, machining centers, ECM deburring systems and washing machines.


Together with our tool suppliers, we optimize our tools continuously and thus ensure maximum tool life.