Components for coolants

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Valve technology for controlling and distributing the coolant enables a battery vehicle to react flexibly to a wide variety of environmental conditions or tasks. Heating or cooling capacity is provided by valves or modules and brought precisely to where it is needed.


By combining several valves in modules, compact and cost-efficient solutions are created. Thermal modules go one step further, integrating eXV, heat exchangers or pumps in addition to the coolant valves. This offers advantages in terms of installation space and calibration, as well as significant cost savings for the customer.





Structure and function

An effective interaction of the refrigerant and cooling circuit to control the battery and interior temperature are decisive parameters for optimizing the range of electric vehicles. The sensible combination of the circuits with as few components as possible helps to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


We follow a modular philosophy with our valves in order to be able to implement the required solutions quickly and to achieve an optimal cost structure for our customers. The routing valves are designed in such a way that various hydraulic functions and connection arrangements can be implemented.


To control the valves, we pursue the approach of using a uniform servomotor that can be installed with different routing valves. This extremely compact and lightweight servomotor can be controlled via LIN. The software corresponds to the current requirements and is developed modularly for different products. In the case of modules made up of several valves, such an actuator can even control several valves and thus enable further cost advantages.


The various components of the coolant system can be combined into modules in various stages. These modules combine functions in compact and easy-to-use components. In addition to cost advantages, this also offers simplified application for our customers.

Features and details

Our coolant valves and systems are developed and manufactured for customer-specific applications on the basis of our modular valve systems. Of course, your specific wishes and interfaces are taken into account. The aim of our work is to develop an optimal, efficient and cost-effective design for you.

An innovative system

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